I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai Syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Farewell 2012

My second year at Tawa Intermediate has been awesome. I have made new friends while keeping the old ones. Intermediate are two years of my life I will try keep the memories from. I won't forget the dramas, the comedy, the people I met and the friends (and enemies) I've made.
The highlights of the year was camp since it's an experience that was so much fun. I may not have done a lot of activities since I have a fear of heights but I did have a lot of fun. Bivying was the worst part though. My other highlight was the Outlook For Someday competition. It was fun to make that movie even though we didn't make it into the next round.
My low light was the cross country and athletics. People who know me personally know that I'm exactly the most athletic person and it was absolute torture for me.
I will remember this year for awhile hopefully and keep the good friend I've made. This was an awesome year and I look forward to college.



Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 8

Episode Title: Thanksgiving
NZ Air Date: December 5th 2012
Glee-Cap: http://youtu.be/5kOXZ-4EkrY

Best Performances:
Homeward Bound/Home (Originally by Simon & Garfunkel/Phillip Phillips) - performed by Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana and Finn - The way that GleeOnFox uploaded made it delete off the part where Quinn walks in the auditroium singing the beginning and then Puck walks in. It's probably the best way for the seniors (And Quinn) to return
Let's Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time (Originally by The Scissor Sisters/Promises, Promises) - performed by Isabelle (special guest star Sarah Jessica Parker), Kurt and Rachel - Such a great dance number with a song that will be stuck in my head forever. The Let's Have Kiki part was amazing but Rachel just ruined it by singing Turkey Lurkey Time.
Live While We're Young (Originally by One Direction) - performed by Sebastian, Hunter and The Warblers - Of course I'd choose this as one my favourites since I love One Direction. It was a really good cover though and the dancing was awesome.
Worst Performances:
Gangnam Style (Originally by PSY) - Performed by Tina, Kitty, Ryder and The New Directions - Some of the pronunciation were incorrect. I feel really bad for Jenna Ushkowitz (the girl who plays Tina) since she doesn't know korean (Jenna was born in Seoul, South Korea but adopted at three months old and raised in New York. What? I know my Glee facts)
Rating: 9.9/10
Reasons: New Directions may have lost and that's very sad. Since Marley fainted (because of Kitty telling her she needs to lose weight even though Marley is perfectly fine), the didn't get to perform their second song. Also, I loved seeing the return of Quinn Fabray and the rest of the original New Directions.
Next Episode: Swan Song

Monday, 3 December 2012

Sustainability Movie Reflection

During the second half of Term 3, a group of us (Shannon, Melissa, Rochelle, Callista and myself) entered the Outlook For Someday competition.

Our movie was a news report with Rochelle and Melissa as news reporters and Callista and Shannon as roving reporters. I was the camera operator/director for it. The news report focused on learning from our elders about saving the environment. We interviewed Shannon's Nana, one of the teachers at school, Mr G and Callista's grandparents.

 Our first idea went from being a mockumentray to a comedy movie a bit like The Hunger Games. The comedy one sort of went that a grandmother (Shannon) was telling her grand kids (Callista, Rochelle and myself) about how the world used to be before the world ran out of it's natural resources. Melissa joined out group and while she did, we decided to change our movie into a news report.

We all thought we'd make it to the next round of the competition since we had a lot of faith in our movie. On the last day of finishing our movies, the day before we had to enter it, we spent our entire day finishing up the editing and filming. We were all in such a rush to record stuff and edit it.
Sadly, we didn't make it to the next round of the competition. Here's our movie though:

We used our own knowledge with a mix of the knowledge of the elders. It made me realise that we do need to learn about saving our enviornment and that this generation are way different to previous generations.
 While making the movie, I learnt how to edit a movie properly since before this, I had only done it once or twice since I've never had other chances to make a movie. I felt quite in charge of this movie since I was kind of the director for it.
 Using a green screen was awesome too since this was my first experience with making a movie involving a green screen and putting a background using iMovie.
 I'm glad we went with this idea over the other two. Now that I think about it now, they seemed pretty stupid and ridiculous to film and make.
 Hopefully you like our movie. Give me some feed back about what we/I could improve for the next time I do filming. Maybe I'll get the chance to do something like this at college next year.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 7

Episode Title: Dynamic Duets
NZ Air Date: 28th November 2012

Glee-Cap: http://youtu.be/p8iTwmG7xzU
Missed Out: Jake calls Puck to get some brotherly advice about girls. Puck, who at the moment Jake called him, was out on Hollywood Boulevard as a superhero called The PuckerMan to earn money. Puck gives Jake advice so Jake can try win Marley over, who at that stage was going on a date with Ryder on Friday.
Later on, Ryder cancels on Marley since he has an appointment with a teacher about his dslexycia so Marley goes up to Jake and they plan a date for that Friday.

Best Performances:
Some Nights (Originally by fun.) performed by The New Directions - It brings back memories of the Glee Pilot when they sung 'Don't Stop Believin' wearing red too. It's the new New Directions' members version of Don't Stop Believin and I love it.
Superman (Originally by R.E.M.) performed by Jake and Ryder - Not many people liked this performance from this episode but I loved it. Also, I'd love to be in Marley's place (Two guys fighting over her. It's a dream come true for many)
Heroes (Originally by David Bowie) performed by Sam and Blaine - Such a sweet song. It's so awesome and good to see Blam (Blaine and Sam's bromance name) sing an awesome song like this and doing charity work with the New Directions
Dark Side (Originally by Kelly Clarkson) performed by Blaine and the Warblers - It's good to see the Warblers back but they're still pretty evil. They want Blaine back but Blaine isn't leaving McKinley. Love this song.
Holding Out For A Hero (Originally by Bonnie Tyler) performed by Kitty and Marley - Before this, I only knew this song from the movie Shrek. Such an epic duet.
Worst Performances:
I shared all the performances since I loved them all.
Rating: 9/10
Reasons: At first I thought Ryder was just going to be another singing jock but his storyline really interests me now. Jake and Ryder as the Mega Studs (awesome!). The Warblers are back (Yay!). Blaine stays at McKinley. It was just an awesome episode.
Next Episode: Thanksgiving - Quinn's back, Sectionals is on, Kurt and Rachel are in New York for the holidays and it looks awesome.

It Happened To Me...Going To Malaysia & Cambodia 2012

  Our journey started at 7pm at night. The first step to our holiday was a one hour plane ride to Auckland. I was already pumping with excitement about this whole trip. Who wouldn't be excited about going to Malaysia and Cambodia? They are pretty awesome places. The coolest thing is I get to spend my 13th birthday in Kuala Lumpur (the capitol of Malaysia).
  We stayed over night in Auckland at the Formula One Transit Hotel near the international terminal. Our night was spent watching the final of the latest season of Mastercher Australia. After a good nights sleep, we woke up at around 5am to check out and head to the international terminal.
  It was time to say bye to New Zealand for a few weeks after a few hours in the international departures area. It's time to head to the plane to Singapore. The one that will last 10 hours. How fun?
Singapore to Aucklan was alright. I watched the movies Dark Shadows and Snow White And The Huntsman. I also watched the TV shows How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and Family Guy.  It was so hard to sleep on the plane so I did watch a lot of stuff.
  After a while in Singapore, it was time to start the final leg of our journey; the flight to Kuala Lumpur. I was extremely tired by then but held on for the 45 minute flight. Finally, we were in Kuala Lumpur and getting into a taxi with our large suitcases. In the taxi, I almost fell asleep numerous times but didn't though.
  The next day, we went to my cousins Briana (aged 6 then but now 7) and Paige (aged 5)'s school, ISKL (International School of Kuala Lumpur) which is a school that uses the American schooling system. My Aunty Vicky (my mum's sister) works for the New Zealand High Commisson in Malaysia so with my uncle Damian and my three cousins (Briana, Paige and Oscar, who's almost 1) they live in the captial of Malaysia. ISKL is really different to New Zealand school's since there's grades and the way their school is set up is different.
  While over there, my big sister, Teagan, taught Oscar how to crawl which didn't really make Vicky and Damian that happy since now he'll get into mischief. One of the other things Teagan taught Oscar to do was to put his foot in his mouth. That fascinated him for a while.
 After a week in busy Kuala Lumpur, it was time to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The three hour flight was so bad. It got really bumpy so I was sick. It was terrible. I did sleep for about 20 minutes though. At Siem Reap airport, we met our driver, Mr Sari (pronounced Sar-e). He was funny and really nice
 My main love in Siem Reap were tuktuk's. A tuktuk is a motorbike attached to a small trailer for passengers to sit on. The first times were a little scary since the roads are really bumpy but I wish I could of brought one back to New Zealand.
 We went on three tours in Cambodia; the floating village (a village on water), the temples and Day in A Life. Day in a life was probably the best since it showed how the locals really are like. We helped build a roof for a family's home and helped cook their lunch but we didn't eat it (it contained fish paste, red ants and other things that were disgusting. Would you eat that?).
 It was time to head back to Kuala Lumpur. We went on another three hour plane ride (which I wasn't sick on. Yay!) and we were back at Damian and Vicky's apartment complex called Suria Stonor after a taxi ride.
 Days went by and Thursday of the third week came quickly. Thursday was a special day for me since it was the day I turned thirteen. Yes, I am officially a teenager now. That made me feel old. My birthday was spent going to the Hard Rock cafe then going to the Kuala Lumpur Aquarium which is really cool. It was an awesome birthday that finished with my favourite dinner; Nachos!
 The last weekend was Briana's 7th birthday party (she wasn't seven until the weekend after but wanted to have her party while we're there). At the party, there was a bouncy castle I wanted to go but couldn't. The worst thing of all was that it started to rain and when it rains in Malaysia, there's always thunder and lightning. The little park become flooded so we pranced around in the rain. I got picked on by little 5 and 6 year olds. It was really fun though.
 Finally, it was the day we had to go home. It was an early Monday morning and I was really tired. We went to the airport, had breakfast the headed to our plane to Singapore. I was really tired by the time we hit Singapore but I had to stay awake since we were going to be there for hours.
 We headed to Chinatown on the train and had a look around there for a while. It was extremely hot so I was sweating a lot. After a lunch of dumplings, we head back to the airport.
 At the airport we ate donuts and looked at every single shop until we had to head to our plane. Goodbye Asia! I'll miss you!
 Singapore to Auckland was boring. I watched the movies Rock of Ages and the TV show Modern Family. I only got four hours of sleep (getting to sleep at 10pm and waking up at 2am). As the plane landed, all I thought of was "We're almost home".
 I almost fell asleep at Auckland Airport. Who wouldn't if they just got off a plane and only had four hours of sleep? After about three hours in the airport, it was finally time to head home to Wellington.
 It was an awesome trip heading to Malaysia and Cambodia. It was my second time in Malaysia (I went two years ago) but it was my first in Cambodia. I would love to go back to both places but my family over there are coming back to New Zealand in January. I just wished my holiday wouldn't have ended.

The Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 6

Episode Title: Glease
NZ Air Date: 21st November 2012

From now on, I'll be posting the Glee-Cap (thanks to GleeOnFox) and then adding any other little thing it missed out on.
Glee-Cap: http://youtu.be/eCBxvfPNsOo
Missed Out?: The fact that Cassandra gets Rachel (and Kurt) to go to Ohio. She then seduces Brody and when Rachel calls Brody for advice, Cassandra picks it up and makes Rachel cry. Also, Jake sees Marley and Ryder kiss and he looks heartbroken. Tina and Mike have also decided to talk about getting back together (it's unknown if they are or not back together).

Best Performances:
Beauty School Dropout (Originally from Grease) performed by Blaine - http://youtu.be/eQkZbOPJriI - Blaine is just perfect and he made the perfect Teen Angel. Sugar was good in this too but she didn't sing.
You're The One That I Want (Originally from Grease) performed by Ryder, Marley, Finn, Rachel and The 'Old and New' New Directions - http://youtu.be/5pNSnvD1_Es - Just the fact that Finn and Rachel sing together and act all lovey dovey in this is just awesome. Ryder makes an awesome Danny with Marley being an awesome Sandy.
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (Originally from Grease) First one performed by Kitty - http://youtu.be/sIv258o_Tzg - Reprise performed by Marley - http://youtu.be/e000U8KPR3E - Loved both of these. Marley is really talented and so is Kitty (even though she's really mean to Marley but she has her moments).

Worst Performances:
The only ones left are 'Grease Lightning' and 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' so I may as well just share the links to them too.
Grease Lightning (Originally from Grease) performed by Ryder, Sam and the New Directions Boys - http://youtu.be/m_I-0ft4TUk
There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Originally from Grease) performer by Santana, Unique/Wade and Cassandra - (The performance of this song has been for some odd reason been flagged on YouTube so I can't share the performance so here's the audio) - http://youtu.be/Zig_I7XawJ4

Rating: 9.9/10
Reasons: This episode made me emotional for numerous reasons:
1. The fact that Finn and Rachel have cut off all communication with each other,
2. Kurt and Blaine fought,
3. Tina and Mike reunited,
4. Unique/Wade had an emotional time
5. Marley had an eating problem because of Kitty
6. Rachel started to cry after Cassandra had seduced Brody
7. Jake saw Ryder and Marley kiss
8. You're The One That I Want was just awesome
Those are my reasons but it was a really good episode

Next Episode: Dynamic Duets
Promo: http://youtu.be/XXGOE0uakNY

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 5

Episode Title: The Role You Were Born To Play
NZ Air Date: 14th November 2012

After a brief hiatus, Glee is back and is as awesome as ever.
This episode marks the start of McKinley High's musical of Grease. Also featured in this episode is Ryder Lynn, who is basically like a Finn 2.0 (Quarterback, wasn't interested in Glee club that much at the beginning and not very bright).
Finn is back in Ohio and is the co-director (with Artie) for the musical. Mike and Mercedes return as the choreographer and the vocal coach for the musical when Finn loses faith in his position as the director.
Will and Emma are having problems of their own. Will wants to go to Washington DC for a couple of months to save the performing arts while Emma doesn't really want to go. With some councilling from Beiste, Emma says yes to going but Beiste can tell she doesn't really want to go.
In a bit of a shocker, Kitty, who is not the nicest cheerleader around, decides to audition for the role of Sandy. Jake joins her with the audition song. Little do both of the ex-dating couple know is that Marley watched their audition in jealously.
This was the first episode in which Rachel doesn't appear in. Kurt also doesn't make an appearance but both of the characters are mentioned in this episode by their exes (Finn and Blaine).
Blaine is a bit of a sad mood as he hasn't even been using hair gel in the weekends. He would audition for the role of Danny but he's just not up for it so he decides to be the role of Teen Angel.
Wade is having problems with his audition. He wants to play Rizzo but he's a guy who just dresses up like a girl. He auditions with the help of Marley (as Unique) and tells Finn, Artie, Mike and Mercedes that he wants to play Rizzo. Finn would love for him to play Rizzo but Artie is reluclant to it. Sue on the other hand, doesn't think a boy should be playing a girl. This results in an arguement between Finn and Sue. Finn ends up insulting Sue's baby (who has down-syndrome), making Sue worse than before.
Wade opens up to Finn after Finn let's Wade be Rizzo. Finn supports Wade and just tells him to find a curly wig and learn the script.
Emma tells Will the truth about Washington. She tells him that she wants to stay in Lima while he goes to Washington DC. They make their compromise about their plans.
The Grease castings are made. The characters are:
Brittany as Cha-Cha
Sugar as Frenchy
Tina as Jan
Sam as Kenickie
Joe as Doody
Unique/Wade as Rizzo
Blaine as Teen Angel
Kitty as Patty Simcox
Marley as Sandy
Ryder as Danny
Finn thinks he's made the good decision and he has.
Will finds Finn in the choir room, planning out the musical. Will tells Finn about him going to DC and he'll need a replacement for a couple of months. His first thought was Finn to take over since Glee is a club, the person in charge doesn't have to be a teacher, they just have to be an adult. Finn doesn't think of himself as an adult but Will does and asks Finn to take over Glee club for a couple of months. The episode ends, waiting for Finn's answer.

Best Performances:
Hopelessly Devoted To You (Originally from Grease) performed by Blaine http://youtu.be/EXW3eCHG4Oo - I loved this song and how it was set out. Kurt and Blaine were such a cute couple and I hope they get back together soon.
Everybody Talks (Originally by Neon Trees) performed by Jake and Kitty http://youtu.be/l_2iXMQmTUQ - This is the first time Kitty has actually sung and she's really good. This is such a good dance song and Jake doing those flips, makes it even awesomer.
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Originally by P!nk) performed by Marley and Unique http://youtu.be/nQ4QX1RH05c - A very epic duet sung by two epic characters. Marley was and is perfect for Sandy while Unique is perfect for Rizzo and I know that for sure after hearing this song.

Worst Performances:
The remaining performances are 'Jukebox Hero' and 'Born To Hand Jive' and they aren't categorised in the worst performances. All the performances from this episode were spectacular in my opinion.

Rating: 9.8/10
Reasons: Beiste, Mike and Mercedes are back! I love how Glee is finally doing Grease as the musical as Grease (and High School Musical, if it counts) are the only musicals I've actually ever seen and know what happens. Blake Jenner's character is interesting and I can't wait to see more of him in future episodes.
Next Episode: Glease
Here's the promo for the next episode: http://youtu.be/avGfMc36ZTA