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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

All About the Glee Characters

This is a little thing about each of the glee characters, so enjoy!!
Artie Abrams - One of the original characters. He has been in a wheelchair since he was younger.
Blaine Anderson -Joins the Glee Cast in Season 2. He was a member of a rival Glee Club called the Dalton Academy Warblers but joins the New Directions in Season 3.
Rachel Berry -An original member of the New Directions. She is a loud mouth but is nice and a great singer. She's had a crush on Finn Hudson forever and they are now together and are FINCHEL!!!
Mike Chang - One of the quiet New Directions but an amazing dancer and has improved his singing voice since he was a terrible singer
Tina Cohen-Chang - She's a goth and an original New Directions member. She's quiet and faked a stutter but she's an amazing singer.
Quinn Fabray - She is really mean and was once a cheerleader. She had a baby in the first season with Noah Puckerman. The babies name is Beth.
Finn Hudson - The quarterback for the football team. He's an amazing singer. Was with Quinn for half of season 1 but is now in love with Rachel.
Burt Hummel - Is Kurt Hummel's father and married to Finn's mum, Carole. He is in the political race against Sue and owns a tire shop.
Kurt Hummel - Kurt is a great singer. He joined the football team for a brief moment and then joined the Cheerios (Cheerleading Squad). He is one part of Klaine (Kurt + Blaine = Love)
Mercedes Jones - A diva and a great singer. Was a part of the New Directions but is now on the Troubletones
Santana Lopez - She is a great singer and a cheerleader. She was on the New Directions but is now in the Troubletones. She is part of Brittana (Brittany + Santana = Love)
Brittany S.Pierce - She is an amazing dancer and a cheerleader. Brittany has many 'Brittany Moments' (she's not very bright). She is in a relationship with Santana.
Emma Pilsbury - She is the guidance consuellor at McKinely and is in a relationship with Will Schuester. She has OCD.
Noah 'Puck' Puckerman - He is a bad boy and a member of the football team. He went to juvie in Season 2. He had a baby with Quinn in Season 1.
Will Schuester - He is the spainsh teacher at McKinely and coaches the New Directions. He got divorced in Season 2 to a very evil Terri Schuester and is now in a relationship with Emma.
Sue Slyvester - She is the meanest cheerleader coach you'll ever meet. She has a segment on the local news called 'Sue's Corner'.
Sam Evans - Made his first appearance in Season 2. Joined the New Directions later in the season. At the end of Season 2, he was dating Mercedes Jones but left during the time inbetween season 2 and 3. He will return later in Season 3.
Suger Motta - She's tone deaf and has self diagnosed Aspergers Syndrome. She's a part of the Troubletones.
Rory Flannagan - An irish exchange student at McKinely. Made his debut in 'Pot O' Gold'. He lives with Brittany S.Pierce. He joins the New Directions in the same episode he makes his first appearance.
Coach Shannon Beiste - She is the coach of the football team at McKinely. She joined the cast in Season 2.
Sebastian Smythe - A member of the Warblers. Has a crush on Blaine. Makes his Glee debut in 'The First Time'. He doesn't like Kurt and wants to spilt Klaine up.


  1. Hi Ryley,wow you are obsessed with glee;D from Nicole.S bye

  2. Hi Ryley
    I love your mini bios - You might have to create a mini bio movie so your audience can see pics of the characters. How else do you think you could show us what these characters look like? It would make your post a lot more helpful if you posted photos I think.
    Ms T

    1. I will try and find some pictures and put them on a seperate post


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