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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Glee Characters Pictures

^Artie Abrams
Darren Criss (Blaine)
^Blaine Anderson (back in his warbler days)
Fichelness is afloat
^Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson (ah, Finchel)
Harry Shum Jr (Mike)
^Mike Chang
glee live! at the Honda Center in Anaheim
^Tina Cohen-Chang
Dianna Agron (Quinn)<Quinn Fabray
Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) on stage

<Mercedes Jones

Chris Colfer (Kurt)
<Kurt Hummel
Naya Rivera (Santana)<Santana Lopez

Brittany and Artie

^Brittany S.Pierce and Artie Abrams
Schuester Glee S02E05
^Mr Will Schuester
^Sue Slyvester
Chord Overstreet (Sam)
^Sam Evans

^Coach Shannon Beiste

I couldn't pictures of every character on the list but I found a lot. Most are from fans taking pictures of them during 'Glee Live!' concerts.


  1. Hi Ryley

    I love the first picture of Artie. It looked cold

    Are you going to put more glee pictures up

    Ruby :-)


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