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Friday, 13 April 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 9

Episode Title: Extraordinary Merry Christmas
NZ Air Date: 13th April 2012
Summary: The New Directions make plans for the same night. One of their plans being a Christmas Special and the other be performing at the homeless shelter. Meanwhile, Rachel gives Finn a very large list of things she wants for christmas. In the end, the New Directions go along with the Christmas Special but Rory tells them the true meaning of Christmas at the end of the special so the New Directions go to the homeless shelter and perform. Finn gives Rachel a pig to sponsor in Africa (she calls the pig Barbra after Barbra Streisand, her idol), a star (called Finn Hudson) and some earrings which Rachel takes back and donates the money to charity (awww).
Best Song: 'Let It Snow' performed by Kurt and Blaine AND 'Do They Know Its Christmas' Performed By The New Directions
Worst Song: 'River' Performed by Rachel
Rating: 8/10
Reason: Not one of Glee's best episode but its Glee and Glee is awesome. There was some moments from my four favourite couples: Finchel (Finn+Rachel), Klaine (Kurt+Blaine), Samcedes (Sam+Mercedes) and Brittana (Brittany+Santana)
^'Let It Snow' Video
^'Do They Know It's Christmas' Video
^'River' Video
Next Weeks Episode: Yes/No


  1. Hi Ryley,I just wanted to say...YAY I watched my first episode of glee and it is the one you described.I enjoyed it and I give it a thumbs up but why does it have to be so dramatic?????;)

    1. Whoops sorry that was from me, Nicole

    2. Hey Nicole
      Congrats on watching your first episode of Glee.
      This episode (Extraordinary Merry Christmas) wasn't one of Glee's best episodes.
      It was rated as the worst episode of Glee out of the first 14 episodes.
      If you become a regular Glee watcher, Friday's one will be better.
      From Ryley

  2. Hi Ryley awesome review I always look foward seeing your Glee review each week good job!

    1. Hey Lily
      The review for episode 10 might be a bit late since I'll be in Waikanae till Saturday.
      Great to hear you look forward to my reviews each week
      From Ryley

  3. Whoops did the same thing as Nicole that was from Lily:)


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