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Friday, 6 April 2012

My Writing Piece

I am at the moment in the process of writing a book to get published. It is called 'After Doom' and is based after 2012 (the disaster) when a young man named Caden Lockhart survives and along with a couple other survivors, they go searching for more humans but along the way they find mutants and dead love ones.
This is the first couple of lines in the book:

 21st December 2012
Today, every natural disaster possible happened.
This was that disaster everyone was talking about and warned us but we didn't listen. It was the end of the world but I'm alive.
I awoke in a pile of rubble, my hand crushed and in as much pain as I've ever been.
I tried to move but my body was weak and squished by too much rubble.
Was I alive?
Is this a dream?.....

That is the first couple of lines from 'After Doom'. Its not even published and I've already got someone bugging me to be in the movie version of this story already.
And by the way, the story is from the point of view of Caden.

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