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Friday, 4 May 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 12

Episode Title: The Spanish Teacher
NZ Air Date: 4th May 2012
Summary: The New Directions focus on Spanish music (or songs changed into spanish) with the help of Will's new spanish night teacher, David Martinez (played by the attractive Ricky Martin). Sue discovers her need to have a child but everyone just laughs in her face. Coach Roz Washington becomes the co-coach of the Cheerios against Sue's wishes. Rachel confesses her engagement to Kurt and Mercedes. Mercedes faces drama in love after her kiss with Sam which Emma says they should not speak to each other for a week (which leads to them singing to each other) and at the end of the week, they're about to speak to each other but Mercedes's boyfriend Shane (who I despise) arrives and takes Mercedes away from Sam. Santana tests Will's skills as a spanish teacher. In the end, David gets Will's job and Will apparently becomes the new history teacher.
Best Song: 'La Isla Bonita' performed by Santana and David + 'Bamboleo/Hero' performed by Sam and the guys (curly shoes, hahaha)
Worst Song: 'A Little Less Conversation' performed by Will
Rating: 9/10
Reasons: Mercedes NEEDS to break up with Shane to be with Sam!!! I'm loving Coach Roz aka. The new Sue. The funniest part is the titles of all of Emma's new pamphlets in her office.
^ 'La Isla Bonita' link
^ 'Bamboleo/Hero' link
^ 'A Little Less Conversation' link
Next Episode: Heart (The Valentine's Day featuring the next of The New Glee Project winners debut, Samuel Larsen who plays Joe Hart)

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