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Friday, 25 May 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 15

Episode Title: Big Brother
NZ Air Date: 25th May 2012
Summary: The episode starts with Finn and Rachel discussing if they would've gotten married if Quinn didn't get in her car accident. They both agree they would when Quinn appears, in her wheelchair (she did something to her spine and lost the feeling in her legs). Rachel starts to feel real sorry for Quinn's car crash, due to the fact Rachel was texting Quinn, distracting Quinn from the road and the truck that crashed into her car. Quinn is acting positive about this and has developed a friend with Artie (who is in a wheelchair permanently). She believes that she will be dancing on stage with them at Nationals.
Blaine's brother, Cooper arrives at McKinley. Cooper is the star of this terrible ad that everyone seems to love except for Blaine. Cooper thinks he's this amazing actor that knows everything. He gives the New Directions master classes in acting. He says that dramatic scenes work with pointing and not to look at their scene partner. They also need to be loud. Blaine finds these ridiculous while everyone loves them. When Cooper is introduced to the club, him and Blaine perform a duet. Afterwards, Cooper says that he was perfect and that Blaine needed work with his vocals.
While planning for where to go on Senior Ditch Day, Rachel breaks down in tears cause she still feels really sorry for Quinn and feels responsible for her accident. Quinn reassures Rachel that it wasn't her fault. Quinn then says they should go to Six Flags Amusement Park (after Mike suggests they have a Footloose Marathon: the original and the 2011 version. Brittany suggests they watch something be born since it is spring). Artie later tells Quinn that people wheelchairs won't have fun at Six Flags so Artie has other plans on where they should go.
Puck discusses his future with Finn. He says that he's going to California with his pool cleaning business and wants Finn to join him. Finn says that he's following Rachel to New York but Puck says that since Cooper told them not to go to New York during their master classes, that Rachel could pursue an acting career in Hollywood while Finn works for Puck's pool cleaning business. Finn decides to think on it.
Sue discovers she is having a baby girl but her girl has down syndrome. Sue is shocked but her sister did have down syndrome and so does Becky, one of the Cheerios.
Senior Ditch Day arrives and the New Directions go to Six Flags (Blaine stays behind and wants to spend time with Cooper but all Cooper wants do is run lines for a movie by Michael Bay, which Cooper thinks is Transformers 4). Quinn and Artie go to a skate park nearby where Artie teaches Quinn some skills in her wheelchair. They watch their friends go on a roller coaster. When they leave, Quinn says that her being in a wheelchair isn't permanent and Artie says it could. Quinn gets angry with Artie and leaves.
Kurt tries to give Blaine a soft toy he got from Six Flags but Blaine doesn't accept it. He tells Kurt that Cooper has now left but Kurt says that Cooper is in the auditorium waiting for Blaine. Blaine walks off to meet his brother. They perform a duet (Somebody that I used to know) and make up. Cooper asks for Blaine's help to film his audition video for the Michael Bay movie.
Finn tells Rachel of Puck's plan in California. Rachel says that she belongs in New York and starts getting angry with Finn. Finn storms off in anger, ending the episode.
Best Song: 'Somebody That I Used To Know' performed by Blaine and Cooper + 'I'm Still Standing' performed by Quinn and Artie
Worst Song: 'Up,Up,Up' performed by Quinn and Artie
Rating: 10/10
Reasons: Cooper's master classes are funny and he actually has no good advice with acting! Some of Sue's lines were hilarious including calling Sam 'Kentucky Fried Stripper'!
 ^'Somebody That I Used To Know' link
 ^'I'm Still Standing' link
 ^'Up,Up,Up' link
 ^Cooper's audition tape with Blaine (unaired)
Next Episode: 'Saturday Night Glee-ver' (a Saturday Night Fever tribute)

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