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Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 16

Episode Title: Saturday Night Glee-ver
NZ Air Date: 1st June 2012
Summary: The episode starts with Blaine sitting in class. Brittany and Mike are a few rows back. The song 'You Should Be Dancing' starts with Blaine singing the lead. They continue their performance in the auditorium with the New Directions watching. When the song finishes, Will goes and asks Blaine why he sung that song and Blaine says that Nationals this year is vintage themed so he sung a vintage song. Will hopes the rest of the group does the same since when he was in glee club, they went to Nationals with disco songs but the group all say 'Disco Sucks!'
Will starts worrying about the three seniors who don't have plans for their futures: Finn, Mercedes and Santana. They all want to famous but don't know what to do to get there. Will tells Sue of his worries which she replies with inspiring them with the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. Will tells her they all say disco sucks but she says they should still do those songs.
Kurt and Mercedes are talking in the hallways. Kurt congratulates Mercedes on getting into Defiance College. They are interrupted by Wade Adams who says that he is their biggest fan and has seen all of their performances except for West Side Story since they weren't Tony and Maria. He also says that he goes to Carmel High and is part of Vocal Adrenaline but he isn't spying. He wants their help. He explains that he has an alter ego named Unique who isn't shy and afraid. Wade wants to perform as his alter ego in drag for their Regionals but the new coach, Jesse St.James doesn't want him to. Mercedes and Kurt decide to think about it.
In the choir room, everyone is wondering about a new floor that's there. Sue and Will explain that it is a light up floor, the same one from Saturday Night Fever. Sue says that they are going to have a dance-off and the winner gets a replica of the same suit John Travolta wore in the movie. Will says everyone needs to compete. He and Sue start to dance and sing to 'Night Fever' and the group start to join in. At the end, Will announces the finalist's are Santana, Mercedes and Finn.
In a class room, Will tells them about why he chose them to be the finalists. He says that he wants to help them find their dreams.
Mercedes sings 'Disco Inferno' with Santana and Brittany as her back up dancers. She doesn't realise Sam is filming her entire performance. After the song, Mercedes says she wants to be like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston but she doesn't know how she can get there.
Puck confronts Finn about the idea he had for LA. Finn says he isn't coming with him. Puck says that he wants him to come so he'll have his best friend there and LA won't seem so scary. He then asks what is his dream and makes Finn promise to him that when he goes for his dream is to make it big.
Kurt and Mercedes tell Sue about Wade. Sue says that they should help Wade and gives them some high heels for Wade to wear for his performance.
Santana performs 'If I Can't Have You'. Will is pleased with her performance and thinks that it is more than a love sing dedicated to Brittany, it is a song showing how she supports marriage equality. Santana says that fame is her mistress and she can't live without it, giving Brittany an idea.
In the auditorium, Rachel performs to Finn. She sings 'How Deep is Your Love'. During the performance, you see Finn, Rachel, Will and Emma looking at pamphlets for colleges. After the song, Finn takes the pamphlets and once he leaves Emma's office, he throws them in the bin.
Santana is walking down the hallway. She realises everyone is looking at her. She asks Brittany what's going on. Brittany says that she posted an intimate tape of them (mixed with a video of Lord Tubbington doing householde chores) on the internet to get Santana famous.
Will tells Finn he knows that he put those pamphlets in the bin. Finn gets all angry since he doesn't know what he wants to do in his future. Will gets him to sit down and watch Saturday Night Fever. Will leaves, leaving Finn to watch it.
Brittany tells Santana about how they are going to get her on a reality show. Brittany suggests different shows and ways to get on them.
Mercedes and Kurt go to Vocal Adrenaline's Regionals. They try and talk him out of doing his performance but he wants to do it in drag. Jesse appears and pulls the two away. He tells them that he is going to fire Wade after the show.
Wade goes on stage (in drag) and performs 'Boogie Shoes'. Jesse runs to the side of the stage and tries to get Wade to come of stage but he fails. Wade becomes a sucess, leaving Mercedes and Kurt shocked.
In the choir room, Rachel meets up with Finn. They dance and Finn sings 'More Than A Woman'. When they stop, Finn says he wants to be an actor. He wants to go with her to New York and wants to go to the Actor's Studio. Rachel is really happy for him.
Sam tells Mercedes about how he put the video of her singing on You Tube. She became really popular with people putting positive comments about her performance. He tells her he believes in her and so do 485 other people who commented on her video. He kisses her.
Santana and Brittany sit in Sue's office, talking about the tape. Sue hands Santana an acceptance letter into the University of Louisville with a scholarship in cheerleading. Santana thanks Sue but Sue tells her it was Brittany who wrote the letter. Santana and Brittany tell each other 'I Love You' and share a hug.
In the choir room, Tina asks who won the suit. Will asks for the winners to enter. Santana, Mercedes and Finn enter wearing the suits. They perform 'Stayin Alive' (The New Directions, Will and Sue all wear their own suits) in the auditorium and the episode ends after the song.
Best Songs: 'Boogie Shoes' performed by Wade/Unique and Vocal Adrenaline + 'Disco Inferno' performed by Mercedes + 'Stayin Alive' performed by Finn, Santana, Mercedes and the New Directions
Worst Songs: No bad songs. All of them were awesome.
Rating: 10/10
Reasons: Sam and Mercedes get back together, Brittany and Santana share some really cute moments and Finn and Rachel have some nice songs dedicated to each other. I loved how it focused on three of my favourite characters: Santana, Mercedes and Finn. Disco is back.
 ^'Boogie Shoes' performance
 ^'Disco Inferno' performance
 ^'Stayin Alive' performance

Next Week's Episode: Dance With Somebody (it's the Whitney Houston tribute featuring some amazing Whitney songs)

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