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Friday, 15 June 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 18

Episode Title: Choke
NZ Air Date: 15th June 2012
Summary: With their NYADA auditions coming up, Rachel is focused and determined, while Kurt has difficult time deciding which song he is going to sing. Although he sings 'The Music of The Night' by The Phantom of The Opera well, he believes he has a better chance with 'Not The Boy Next Door' from The Boy from Oz. Kurt performs 'The Music of The Night' for Blaine with Tina as Christine. Blaine applauded the song and listened to Kurt when Kurt was talking about how he needs to be his best. Blaine mumbles "Oh god no. No more candles." Rachel advises him that this is not the time to take a risk and convinces him to go with 'The Music of The Night'.
While waiting in the wings for their audition, Rachel reveals that they will be auditioning for Carmen Tibideaux (special guest star, Whoopi Goldberg), a famous and exacting performer who is one of NYADA's most notorious alumnae and a newly appointed dean at the school. At last minute, Kurt changes his performance to 'Not The Boy Next Door'. After his song, Carmen is impressed with his performance.
Rachel goes and sings 'Don't Rain On My Parade' but she forgets the lyrics and starts over. She tries again but also forgets the lyrics. She asks if she can start again but Carmen says that the audition is over. Rachel is devastated as Carmen leaves.
Coach Roz overhears Santana making jokes about the origin of Coach Beiste's black eye and informs the girls that domestic violence is no laughing matter. She teams with Sue and Beiste (who says that she got her bruise from a punching bag) to teach the girls a lesson about domestic violence and Sue assigns them the task of performing a song to do with it.
The girls perform 'Cell Block Tango' in the auditorium for Sue, Roz and Beiste. After the performance, Beiste, who walked out of the performance, tells Sue and Roz the real reason behind her black eye in private. She says that Cooter hit her when he was drunk since she didn't do the dishes. She explains that she does not want to leave him in fear that no one will love her again. Sue insists that Beiste stay at her place for the night but Beiste says she'll stay at her sister's place for the night. 
Beiste then reveals the truth about her black eye to the girls. They admire Beiste's courage and they sing 'Shake It Out' to her. Beist doesn't reveal to anyone that she didn't go to her sister's place. She went back home and gave Cooter a second chance.
Finn is worried that Puck might not graduate. Puck tells Finn that he only needs to pass a European geography test to graduate and that he plans to flirt with his teacher Mrs Doosenbury to secure a passing grade.
However, she rejects his overtures, telling him to study instead, and Puck decides to drop out of school. Later, while Puck is cleaning a client's swimming pool, his father—who he has not heard from in five years—shows up and asks Puck for $500 to pay his rent. Realizing that he does not want to turn out like his father, who is also a high school dropout, Puck enlists the other glee club males to help him pass his test. After studying with them all night, he takes the test, and tells them afterward that he feels confident about his effort.
Rachel performs 'Cry' at the end of the episode. As she sings, you see Puck recieving his test back. He fails.
Best Songs: 'Shake It Out' performed by Santana, Tina and Mercedes + 'Cell Block Tango' performed by Tina, Santana, Mercedes, Sugar and Brittany
Worst Song: 'The Rain In Spain' performed by the guys (besides Kurt)
Rating: 10/10
Reasons: This episode covered a pretty tough subject with the domestic violence storyline. I actually cried twice in this episode. I cried when Rachel was crying after failing her audition and when Rachel was singing 'Cry'.
 ^'Shake It Out' performance
 ^'Cell Block Tango' performance
 ^'The Rain In Spain' performance
Next Episode: Prom-asaurus (featuring the aftermath of Rachel's failed audition, a shocking Quinn moment and One Direction's hit song 'What Makes You Beautiful')

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