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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 19

Episode Title: Prom-asaurus
NZ Air Date: 22nd June 2012
Summary: After Rachel's disastrous audition, she starts to believe that her Broadway dreams are over. To cope, she hopes to dazzle prom and focus on what she's got going with Finn. She feels fine about it untill Becky steamrolls over her with her own ambitious dream: to be named prom queen.
Principal Figgins tells Brittany that she needs to plan an amazing prom since her reign as senior class president hasn't gone well. Brittany vows to make a prom theme to remember.
Brittany meets with the three member prom committee for the first time. They give her the idea of 'Castle in The Clouds'. She says no. They then suggest 'Stairway to Heaven' and she also turns that idea down. She then fires them all and says that the theme will be Dinosaurs.
Sue makes a P.A. announcement of the prom king and queen candidates for senior prom court. The candidates are: Finn, Rick 'The Stick' Nelson and (oddly) Brittany. The nominees for prom queen are: Santana, Quinn and Missy Gunderson. Believing that she was robbed of nomination, Becky immediately throws a hissy fit and trashes Sue's music-cue xylophone.
As Rachel shares with Finn her plans for the perfect prom night with her fiance, Will tells the club that Figgins has asked them to perform at prom again. Then Brittany announces that the prom theme is dinosaurs which everyone finds a little weird. Santana supports Brittany's choice though. Brittany also says that hair gel is banned at prom. She also says that Santana and Quinn will be tallying up the prom votes to keep each other honest.
When Rachel sees a poster touting the prom candidacies of Finn and Quinn, she angrily confronts him about this. Finn tells her Quinn asked him to support her as a friend. Given the fact that Quinn almost died on the way to their aborted wedding, he didn't suspect that this would upset Rachel. But Rachel is angry at the thought that on her prom night that Finn will be dancing with Quinn - even though Quinn is confined to her wheelchair she may not be able to dance. However, Quinn has been making progress in her physical therapy with the help of Joe. She's been able to take her first steps. Joe tells her to tell the club but she wants to suprise them at prom.
Meanwhile, Becky's high class inner monologue kicks in as she struggles with not being nominated for prom queen. Sue tells her that Quinn recieved a lot of the sympathy vote this year. Sue also says that Becky can go to prom with her to guard the punch bowl.
In the auditorium, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine sing 'Big Girls Don't Cry' but Blaine suggests its such a downer for prom. Rachel admits that she's down herself about Quinn and Finn's potentially shared reign. They all agree that prom sucks and Rachel gets the idea of doing an anti-prom.
Rachel tells the club about her idea. She's booked a hotel room and invited all the under-classmen (including Becky). Puck agrees to come, frustrated his continued failrue in the classroom and gives up on his dream of being able to spike Sue's punch bowl. Santana says that she isn't going to the anti-prom because she wants to enjoy the last night they all have together and just dance with her girlfriend and friends.
As Finn and Quinn hang posters and discussing Rachel's downward spiral, a student tells Quinn that she's an inspiration and that she has her vote. Quinn gives a delivers a touching - yet also though out and planned - speech designed to get more voters. Finn gets a little creeped out but Quinn asks if he wants to win or not.
On prom night, the students are clearly impressed by Brittany's prom. Brittany performs 'Dinosaur' in a cave girl costume with the cheerios with dinosaur heads on. Sue proudly declares that this batch of punch is her best yet.
Finn searches for Quinn. He walks into the girls bathroom to see Quinn walking. Finn's clearly shocked that she's actually standing. Quinn says that she wants to take her first steps infront of everyone to recieve her crown. Finn gets angry at her and realizes that he's stood by Quinn even though he should be standing by Rachel. Quinn practically begs Finn to stay for the nominees one mandatory dance.
Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck and Becky arrive at the hotel room they're using for anti-prom. They all agree that they're glad they aren't at prom. Becky seems a little enthustastic about it and Rachel asks her to chill out. Becky gets angry and announces this to be the worst anti-prom ever.
Santana performs 'Love You Like A Love Song' with Brittany and Tina as back-up. Sam and Mercedes dance during this song and Mercedes sees her ex, Shane dancing with his own date. Mercedes waves at him and he waves back. In the midst of their obligatory dance, Finn demands that Quinn stand up. Joe sees Finn shouting at Quinn and he pushes Finn. Sue comes along and stops them from fighting. Finn storms off.
As the anti-prom grows more and more boring, Kurt suggests that if Blaine wanted to go to prom, he would be willing to go. Blaine, however doesn't want to give in to Brittany's hair gel ban but his main reason is because he doesn't want Kurt to see him without a whole bunch of hair gel in his hair.
Finn arrives at the anti-prom just in time to see Rachel model her prom dress she bought. He tells her that prom sucks without her and that he loves her. Finn persuades Kurt and Blaine to come to prom too. Puck stays behind with Becky but later regrets his choice when Becky suggests a game of strip poker.
Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine arrive at prom to be greeted by Brittany who says she can smell Blaine's hair gel from here she's standing. Sam, Mike, Joe, Rory and Artie start to sing 'What Makes You Beautiful' getting the crowd cheering loudly.
Meanwhile, Becky's poker skills are getting her to win with Puck down to his undies. When he asks for mercy, she admits that she's having a hard time holding back because she's angry about not being nominated for prom queen. Puck gets dressed and takes his knife out. He cuts out two crowns from a cardboard beer box. He crowns himself anti-prom king and Becky anti-prom queen. Seeing herself in the mirror, Becky is finally happy.
Rachel apologizes to Quinn about going crazy over how Quinn and Finn are nominated for prom king and queen together. Santana tells Quinn to come to the spainish room to count the votes up.
Becky and Puck make their grand entrance to prom. Sue says that Becky is the real prom queen tonight. Becky distracts Sue so Puck can spike the punch bowl. As they walk off, Puck thanks Becky for helping him complete his dream.
As Santana and Quinn count up the votes, Santana is shocked at how Brittany only got four votes for pom king. She says she isn't going to be prom queen if Brittany isn't her king. Quinn says that herself and Santana recieved the most votes but Quinn bet Santana by one vote. Quinn realises that she's actually won but doesn't feel any different. She suggests to Santana that they should help someone else feel special tonight.
Blaine re-enters prom with no hair gel. Kurt is shocked and Brittany thinks that it's the new kid. Brittany lifts her ban of no hair gel. Blaine's about to go reapply his gel when Kurt says that he loves him no matter what his hair style is. Blaine doesn't go apply his hair gel.
Figgins calls Kurt up on stage to present the crowns for prom king and queen (since Kurt was prom queen last year). Figgins announces the prom king to be Finn. Finn goes and recieves his crown from Kurt. Figgins announces the prom queen to be, from a large amount of handwritten votes, Rachel. Santana and Quinn share a proud smile with each other for their good deed.
Rachel on the other hand is scared. She thinks this all a huge big prank just like Kurt last year. Finn reassures her that she won because she deserves it. Santana and Quinn sing 'Take My Breath Away'. Quinn gets out of her wheelchair to stand up, with the help of Santana. Everyone is shocked to see her stand up but they clap.
Best Dressed (well, it is prom): Brittany with her tux-dress.
Best Songs: 'Love You Like A Love Song' performed by Santana + 'What Makes You Beautiful' performed by Joe, Rory, Sam, Mike and Artie
Worst Song: 'Dinosaur' performed by Brittany
Rating: 12.5/10
Reasons: There's a One Direction song. Finchel, Brittana, Samcedes, Klaine and Tike all go to prom together and have super cute moments. This has to be the best episode of the season so far.
 ^'Love You Like A Love Song' performance
 ^'What Makes You Beautiful' performance
 ^'Dinosaur' performance
Next Episode: Props (getting closer to the season finale/graduation).

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