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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Matariki Panels

Matariki is the Maori New Year.
If you don't know what Matariki is, it is a star consellation that consists of seven stars in the night sky. Matariki means eyes of god or little eyes, depending on how its translated. You can see the Matariki stars at anytime of the year but around the time of the Maori new year, you can see them early in the morning also.
 For the last couple of weeks of Term 2, we were designing and creating our Matariki panels. The panels are basically a painted bit of wood with designs that represent us, Matariki and our culture. The top third is about harvest and new growth. The middle third is to do with us, our families and our culture. The bottom third is about Matariki.
 My top third has seven korus on it. The colours I used are dark blue, dark purple, gold, light green, warm yellow and red. All the korus have been arranged in different. The red koru is the main one.
 My middle third has a blue star, a yellow star, a green star and a red star. There are four stars to represent both the four members of my family and the New Zealand flag. It has a blue star to represent my dad, a yellow one to represent my mum, a green one to represent my sister and a red one to represent myself.
 My bottom third has a kite. It's a traditional Maori kite. It features the use of green, blue, yellows, purple and other colours. It was originally going to consist of the seven stars of Matariki but so many people were using stars.
 I worked really hard on this and I hope you like it. It truly represents me, my culture and Matariki. Some of the korus are hidden because they are dark.


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