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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 21

Episode Title: Nationals
NZ Air Date: 6th July 2012
Summary (some of my previous summaries have been extremely long so I'm going to make it short and sweet):  When they arrive in Chicago for Nationals, New Directions faces a myriad of problems with their performances - Mercedes falls ill due to food poisoning, thwarting the Troubletones' number; When Will asks Quinn to stand in for Mercedes, she is worried she has not recuperated completely from the accident. Rachel is nervous with the thought of Carmen Tibideaux watching her solo performance, and even more so when she encounters her ex-beau Jesse St.James, the current coach of opposing glee club Vocal Adrenaline. In the end, the final three are The Portland Scale Blazers (who performed 'Starlight Express'), Vocal Adrenaline (who performed 'Starships' and 'Pinball Wizard') and The New Directions (who performed 'Edge of Glory', 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' and 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light') chosen by judges Perez Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Alderman Martin Fong (guest star Rex Lee). The Portland Scale Blazers are third, Vocal Adrenaline are second and The New Directions are the champions.
The New Directions return to school with their first place trophy. Everyone's quiet and just watch them. Two hockey guys appear with slushy cups of what the New Directions think is cups of cold icy slushies but they are surprised when they throw confetti on them. They're popular.
At the Teacher of the Year award ceremony, Finn and Rachel announce the winner (since they're the king and queen). They announce that Will is teacher of the year. The club perform 'We Are The Champions' in their Nationals outfits to finish the episode.
Best Songs: The entire New Directions Nationals performance + 'Starships' performed by Wade/Unique and Vocal Adrenaline + 'Tongue Tied' performed by The New Directions
Worst Song: 'Pinball Wizard' performed by Wade/Unique and Vocal Adrenaline
Rating: 20/10
Reasons: Best episode of the entire show for the song choices, storylines and the humour.
 ^The New Directions entire performance
 ^'Starships' performance
 ^'Tongue Tied' performance
Next Episode: Goodbye (it's graduation for some of the club and it's the season finale. Here come the tears...)
 ^Sneak Peek of Goodbye. Just had to share this.


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