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Friday, 13 July 2012

My Glee Review - Season 3 Episode 22 (Final)

Episode Title: Goodbye
NZ Air Date: 13th July 2012 (It's Friday the 13th)
Summary: As the seniors of McKinley High prepare for graduation, Rachel and Finn get ready for their wedding and big move to New York. Santana turns to her mother (special guest star Gloria Estefan) when she realizes she has no plans for the future. Meanwhile, Quinn decides to help Puck ace his geography test and graduate, and Finn, Kurt and Rachel's acceptance letters from their respective universities finally arrive, the results prompting Finn to make a life-altering decision. Mercedes and Mike's post-high school plans are also revealed.
Finn and Kurt don't get accepted into their dream colleges in New York but Rachel does. She decides she won't go and she'll wait another year so she can help Kurt and Finn with their letters to get into a college.
Puck graduates after he passes his test with a C minus (a Puckerman A plus). He also finds out that Quinn loves him.
Santana decides she doesn't want to go to the college in Kentucky with her cheerleading scholarship, she wants to go to New York and be a star.
After graduation, Finn picks Rachel up to take her to their wedding but he arrives at the train station where he tells her that she's going to New York to follow her dreams. Rachel wants him to come with her but he tells her he's setting her free. He tells her he's going to join the army. He walks her to the train where they meet up with the whole club, who are saying goodbye while Rachel is in tears.
The episode/season ends with Rachel in New York walking amongst the crowd.
Best Songs: 'Roots Before Branches' performed by Finn and Rachel (aka. Finchel) + 'In My Life' performed by the underclassmen and Will + 'You Get What You Give' performed by the seniors
Worst Song: 'Forever Young' performed by Will (I almost of fell asleep in during this song)
Rating: 15/10
Reasons: Quinn and Puck (Quick) are back together (I think). It was an emotional episode and I actually cried in during one scene (When Finn broke up with Rachel).
 ^'Roots Before Branches'
 ^'You Get What You Give'
 ^'In My Life' (couldn't find the performance so I found the audio clip)
 ^'Forever Young'
Next Episode: That's the end of the season so that is the last glee review. I might do a 'Top 10 performances' post later but enjoy the Yearbook Suprelatives videos down below.
 ^Volume 1
 ^Volume 2
 ^Volume 3

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