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Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Glee Project

A Justin Bieber look alike (who's actually a girl).
A Cory Monteith (Cory plays Finn on Glee) look alike with ADHD and low-spectral autism.
A Turkish Muslim girl who's mother doesn't know she's had her first kiss.
A girl in a wheelchair.
A trans gender teenager.
A very talented blind boy.
This list of people and more make up 'The Glee Project' cast season 2.
If you don't know what The Glee Project is, it's a reality show where 12 (or this seasons 14) compete for a chance on Glee by singing and dancing their hearts out.
The Glee Project is hosted by Robert Ulrich, the casting director for Glee. Every week is a different theme that is related to Glee (eg; Individuality, Vulnerability) and a special guest mentor (someone from Glee) comes to The Glee Project, judges their homework assignment song and chooses a winner to get a one on one mentoring session with them for their group music video for the week.
During all the preparations for the music video, the mentors, Robert, Zach Woodlee (dancing) and Nikki Anders (vocals), judge the contestants on their determination for the week and how they show in the areas of the show. At the end of the week, they announce the called back list with the bottom three who have to perform for Ryan Murphy (the creator of Glee). They get given a song the mentors think suits them and they perform it for Ryan. In the end, Ryan makes the final choice of who goes home for the week (sometimes, no one goes home). The elminated contestant performs 'Keep Holding On' then they leave.
The winners from last season are now popular characters on Glee. There's Damian McGinty (he plays Rory), Samuel Larsen (he plays Joe), Alex Newell (he plays Wade/Unique) and Lindsay Pearce (she played Harmony for two episodes).
My favourite music videos last season are:
Firework (Individuality, week one) - http://youtu.be/VdefeabJMWQ
U Can't Touch This (Dance Ability, week four) - http://youtu.be/TQi3bKv3G-o
Don't You Want Me (Pairability, week five and it was a duet by Marissa Von Bleicken and Samuel Larsen) - http://youtu.be/tgX8FH7Ellc
My favourite music videos (so far) in season two:
Edge of Glory (The Glee Project Season Two:Final fourteen, not an official week of The Glee Project) - http://youtu.be/AhkSUvgVNaA
Everybody Hurts (Vulnerability, week three) - http://youtu.be/SOfA5J2_6N4 (my favourite video on the whole of The Glee Project)
Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake (Sexuality, week four) - http://youtu.be/8q3ItyOYU5o

The homework assignments are so cool. Here's a mix of my favourite ones from season 1 and 2:
Hey, Soul Sister (Episode Four, Season One, Danceability) - http://youtu.be/J_5zhTNYJu4
Don't Stop Believin' (Season One Finale, Glee-Ality) - http://youtu.be/sv5f-E2QU4g
Born This Way (Episode One, Season Two, Individuality) - http://youtu.be/e9j9WcnaBoo
My Life Would Suck Without You (Episode Three, Season Two, Vulnerability, my favourite Homework Assignment for the whole show) - http://youtu.be/EWtKXmFQo8k

The people who I want to win this season are:
Abraham Lim (the link is a cover of a 'Someone Like You' he did before he announced he was on The Glee Project) - http://youtu.be/96gMaNuMEE0
Nellie Veitenheimer (the link next to this one is a cover of 'Viva La Vida' she did a month or two ago) - http://youtu.be/Podv_Y7WZHQ
Aylin Bayramoglu (the link for her is singing her first last chance performance of 'Without You') - http://youtu.be/Jt_to_qJWqc
Charlie Lubeck (this link is of him singing his first original song called 'Aylin' about his Glee Project crush and rumoured girlfriend) - http://youtu.be/xzM2_5Av2MA
Michael Weisman (this link is of him singing 'Lucky' but he messes up the words) - http://youtu.be/arplhxq2srM

The Glee Project is an awesome show and I hope if you do/have watched it, you have loved it as much as I have.


  1. Hello Ryley

    I really like your pots about Glee my favourite songs this season are edge of glory and
    hit me with your best shot/one way or another.

    Who did you want to win last year?
    Would you ever try get on the Glee project?


    1. Hey Lily
      Last season I wanted Damian McGinty, Cameron Mitchell and Hannah (I don't remember her last name). If I tried to get on The Glee Project, I'd get reject after the auditions since I lack a good singing voice and I'm not a good dancer.


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