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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Creative Writing - Midnight Robbery

My eyes burst open at the thump on the door. My head spilt from the pillow as it went into the air and I sat up.
The sheets fling off me as my arm flies over them. I'm out of bed, moving closer to my bedroom door. I open it and walk down the hall. I hear clinging and clanging coming from the kitchen. I walk down the steps, trying not to make any noise. I creep down and walking around the corner.
"Aaaahhh!" I scream at the sight. I flick the lights on.
A man in black with a balaclava on looks at me, holding a full sack. He's a robber.
"Get out of my house!" I shout.
The man's silent. He picks up the sack, flinging it over his shoulder and runs outside.
"Yeah, you better run!" I shout after him. My next door neighbour is walking his dog infront of my house. He's looking at me like I'm weird.
"What's wrong with you?" My neighbour asks.
"Just a robber came into my house." I say.
"Oh." My neighbour says and walks off.
I return into my nice warm house and go check to see what got stolen. I looked in my kitchen drawers and notice a lack in cutlery.
"They stole all my spoons, knifes and forks." I whisper to myself.
So somewhere in town, there is a man with a large sack of my cutlery. Strange.
I pick my phone up and dial '111'. The police don't believe me at first but I explain my story to them and they decide to come check out what's going on. Maybe they're coming over to check that I'm not insane.
Half an hour passes and a cop car pulls up outside my house. I rush outside to see them walk up the path to my house.
"Hello officers." I say.
"Hello miss." A male officer says.
"I'm Ryley Bridges." I say, sticking my hand out for them to shake it. They shake my hand one after the other.
"Hello Ms Bridges, I'm Officer Malone and this is Officer Casey. We recieved a call from your house about a robber of cutlery." The male officer says. The female officer on his left gives me a small smile.
"Yes. There was a robber here tonight. He stole all my cutlery." I say.
I walk inside with the officers on my tail. The kitchen is still in the same state it was when the robber came, except the fact I came in and looked around to see what the robber stole. Officer Malone and Officer Casey scanned the kitchen in search of clues to who stole my cutlery.
"There are actually no clues to who stole your cutlery so here." Officer Malone says, reaching into his pocket and taking out his wallet.
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"Giving you this." Officer Malone says, passing me an envelope.
"What's this?" I ask.
Officer Malone looks at me and sends me a smile,"The solution to your problems."
I open the envelope to find $50 in cash. Obviously the cash is to buy new cutlery.
---Across Town---
The man with the balaclava walks down a dark alley. He walks through a door and puts the sack of cutlery on the table. He opens it up and poors the cutlery on the table, making a very loud clinging and clanging noise. The man opens up his dishwasher across the room and puts all the cutlery in there.
"Finally, I can use this." The man says.


  1. Hey Ryley
    I liked you story but I was shocked that the robber stole cutlery and not money or a TV. Do you like cutlery and if you do, is that why you made the robber steal cutlery?

  2. Hi Ryley

    I agree with Ruby... why cutlery? Maybe you could continue this story form the perspective of the robber after stacking the dishwasher. I'd love to read it when you do.

    I await with anticipation...

    Ms T


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