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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Creative Writing - Helping Her

This story I read out to the class and they loved it. It is quite long but I hope you guys like it.

Her body was like a small tree.
The bone showed through her skin.
Her fingers were like pencils.
Her legs had no fat on them.
The blood dried on her legs into a browny red.
She was scared to leave the house.
She hasn't had food or water for a week.
A knock on the door scares her. Her head was tucked between her knees. As the knock thundered on the door, her head shot up. She stared at the door. Another door thundered the door, shaking it like an earthquake does. She slowly stood up, shaking up slightly. She couldn't stand her own two feet properly but she tried her best.
"Come on. Open up. I know your in there. I want to help you." The voice she knew well boomed from outside of the door. She shakily opened it.
He stood there. One of her best and closest friends actually cared for her.
"We've missed you. We haven't seen you for a week or two." He says, walking inside.
"I don't want to leave this house. He could hurt me again!" She shouts.
"You need food at least. You're getting skinny." He shouts.
"I'm not hungry!" She protests.
"You must be. You also need water." He says.
"Leave me alone!" She screams.
"Fine." He says as he walks out.
As the door comes to a close, she falls to the floor in a heap of tears. She cried herself to sleep that night. Nightmares of her pain scared her. Maybe she did need help.

 He returned the next day.
"Hi Ella." He says.
"Adam." She says.
Adam walks in.
"Do you want me to make you some breakfast?" Adam asks.
"Sure." Ella says.
Ella sat on the couch, squishing her twig like legs with her arms. Adam looks at her, worried. Most people in her condition would have tried killing themselves but she hasn't. He half-smiled at the thought.
"What are you smiling about?" Ella asks, smiling for the first time in ages.
"Something." Adam says, returning to his cooking of pancakes. He was proud of her, staying strong. He was also proud that she was finally eating something.
He was helping her.

 Ella had a difficult time going to sleep that night. Horrific images scared her through out the night. She heard the front door open and close, keys clanging into a bowl. Ella sat up, looking at her partly opened bedroom door. Her stairs creeked under the weight of the person outside of her bedroom. The door crept open and Ella slid down under the blankets.
A tall figure walked into her roomand flicked the light open.
"Ella?" The figure asks.
"Adam? What are you doing here?" Ella asks.
"I came to check up on you. Sorry for scaring you." Adam apologises.
Ella pulls the covers off her and stood infront of Adam.
"You're gaining a bit more weight." Adam says.
"You gave me a huge breakfast, lunch and dinner. I gained about 5 pounds." Ella jokes. Adam laughs and strokes his hand through his thick but short hair.
"At least you're eating." Adam says.
Ella smiles at this. Adam feels his heart thud and thought it would burst through his ribs and fall to the floor infront of him.
"How'd you get in?" Ella asks.
"You gave me a key a couple of weeks ago. Remember?" Adam asks, with an ear to ear grin on his face.
"Oh yeah." Ella grins after she speaks.
"I should get going. You seem tired." Adam says.
"You could sleep on the couch. It is 1 in the morning." Ella says.
"Cool. I'll go down stairs. Good night." Adam says as he leaves.
"Night." Ella says and hops back into her bed.
Just as she closes her eyes, she saw her attacker. He ex-boyfriend. She had to face the truth.
She's been abused.

 Ella creeps down the stairs to spot a sleeping Adam. He looks so cute but he's an extremely loud snorer. A knock on the door shocks her. She shook with nerves. She shook Adam awake.
"Adam. There's someone at the door." She whispers to him as she shook him ferociously, awaking him from his slumber.
"What?" Adam asks, still half asleep.
"Someone's outside." Ella whispers in panic.
"Who?" He asks.
"I don't know who it it." She says.
"Okay." Adam says. He gets off the couch and opens the door to reveal a tall, stubble faced man wearing a beanie.
"Adam! Where's Ella!?" The man shouts, anger flowing through his voice.
"Hayden! Leave!" Adam says, pushing Hayden out.
"I want to see Ella!" Hayden shouts.
"She doesn't want you here!" Adam shouts.
"Ella! I miss you! I love you!" Hayden shouts as Adam pushes him out.
Ella cried from her spot on the couch, listening to Adam and Hayden fighting over her.
Hayden was her ex-boyfriend and her abuser. He hit her when she didn't do what he wanted her to do. He restricted her from her friends sometimes because he thought she was dating another man behind her back.
They were together for two months. After 2 months, the abuse started.
"Hayden! Out! Now!" Ella shout from her place on the couch, her cheeks damp from the tears.
"But what have is special!" Hayden shouts.
"She said to leave." Adam says as he pushes Hayden away.

 Ella lay in her bed that afternoon. She had tears all over her cheeks. Hayden was just so sweet when they first met but he changed. People change easily from anger or depression. In Hayden's case, it was stess and alcohol...
"Hey honey." Ella says as her boyfriend arrives home.
"Hey babe." Hayden says, emotionless.
"What's wrong?" Ella asks.
"Stuff." Hayden groans.
"Are you hungry?" Ella asks.
"No!" He snaps.
"Do you want a coffee or something to drink?" She asks.
He stood up and grabbed a bottle of beer from the top of the fridge. He drunk the whole bottle in one gulp.
"Hey babe. Come here." He says and puckers his lips for her to kiss him.
"Your drunk!" Ella shouts.
"No! Kiss me!" Hayden shouts.
"I'm leaving. You need to sober up." Ella says and went to the door.
He grabs her wrist and pulled her to him. She slapped him but she recieved a punch to the gut, causing her to have the feeling to cry.
"You're not going anywhere." He shouts...
She woke up. Memories of her violent relationship haunted her. She loved him at first but he changed. She cried herself to sleep and her mind flooded of her terrible relationship with Hayden

 "What do you want to do today?" Adam asks.
"Kill Hayden!" Ella shouts, arms folded in frustration.
"Come on. You need to tell the police about all of this stuff." Adam says.
"Hayden made me fall in love with him then broke my heart." She exclaims.
"You can't hold a grudge forever." He says.
"He got drunk, hit me and was extremely abusive!" She cries.
"So, you can hold a grudge forever?" He asks.
"I never want to see Hayden's face again." She says.
There's a knock at the door. It wasn't as hard as Hayden would knock. Adam went to the door.
"Hi. Is Ella here?" A young man with black hair and dimples says.
"She's inside, Oliver." Adam says.
"Ollie! Little bro!" Ella says, wrapping her arms around the young man.
Adam watches the sibling reunion with a smile on his face. Oliver and Ella talked about Ella's problems and her difficulty to sleep because of the horror of the abuse. Ella shows her brother some of the scars on her arms. Oliver cringed at the sight of some of the worst ones.

 Ella hopped into her car.
"Hello Ella." A voice says from the back seat when Ella was about 10 minutes away from her house.
"Hayden! What do you want?" She screams.
"You." Hayden says, smiling evilly.
"Get out of my car!" She shouts.
"No!" He shouts.
She got so distracted, she misses the corner. The car fell off the street and down the bank. It flipped over a few times but when it stopped, it was standing normally.
Ella opens her eyes. She tasted blood. Her forehead had a large cut on it. She moves her vision to the backseat to see a lifeless Hayden. His eyes looked blank and were staring into space. He wasn't moving. His chest wasn't rising and she couldn't hear him breathing. She climbs over the seat and feels Hayden's pulse.
She wanted to scream but nothing come out but tears. A siren went off in the background. Everything then went black...

 Ella's eyes opens to the sight of Adam and Oliver leaning infront of her vision. She had images of Hayden's lifeless body in her mind. She saw it whenever she closes her eyes. Just when she was getting over drama, more just came her way.
"Hey Ella," Adam says with a smile,"How are you feeling?"
"Scared." Ella confesses.
"We heard that Hayden was in the car with you and he, um, passed on." Oliver says. His voice saddened.
Ella's mind was flashing with images of Hayden's body, his lifeless and pale body. She has stitches in her head and bruises all over arms. They were worse than the ones Hayden gave when they were together.

 Ella was worse than before with her emotions. She cried at random moments, smiled at times when she was supposed to be sad and was angry when she got a surprise. She had become sort of depressed.
She was haunted even more by Hayden when she was going to his funeral.
"Come on. You have to come." Adam says, dragging her up the steps to the church.
"I'm not going in there. I'm a murderer! It's all my fault he's dead!" Ella screams.
Oliver stood next to Adam, worrying about his sister.
A young girl (about 17) walked out of the church.
"The funerals about to start." The girl says and returns inside the church.
Ella lets Adam drag her up the stairs. Oliver stood behind Ella to make sure she didn't run off any where. Hayden's parents saw their son's ex-girlfriend and walked towards her.
"Ella, what are you doing here?" Hayden's mum, Jane asks.
"I'm here for the funeral. I was with him when he died." Ella mutters.
"You aren't welcome here. You crashed the car." Hayden's dad, Ross says.
"But-" Ella starts.
"Leave!" Ross shouts.
Ella leaves slowly with Adam and Oliver following her.

 "Ella!" Claire, Ella's other best friend, shouts.
"Claire!" Ella shouts.
The share a friendly hug.
"How've you been?" Claire asks.
"Not good. Hayden caused me to have a car accident. He died." Ella says.
"Oh." Claire says.
"Yeah. Adam and Oliver are staying with me for the moment." Ella says.
"Adam? You and him are together, right?" Claire asks, smiling.
"I don't know where our relationship is going. It's not romantic at all. Well, not yet." Ella mumbles.
"You like him!" Claire grins.
"Maybe," Ella sighs,"Don't tell him!"
Claire nods and smiles ear to ear.
Claire takes her phone out of her pocket and texts her boyfriend, Justin about Ella's feelings for Adam and also about getting Adam to ask Ella out.

 Adam sat at the coffee shop, lost in thought. The coffee that sat in front of him on the table wasn't great but is drinkable. He was thinking about the last week since he arrived to help Ella out. He was helping her and she was co-operating with him.
Justin walks in, looking slightly nervous about what he was going to say.
"Hey dude." Justin says and bro-hugs Adam.
"Hey." Adam says, a little interested in why Justin was here.
"So, I hear you've been helping Ella out lately." Justin says, awkwardly.
"Yeah. I've been helping her with the help of her brother, Oliver." Adam says, sipping his disgusting coffee.
"Are you two together?" Justin asks.
"No," Adam release a deep breath,"I don't know what we are."
"You like her, don't you?" Justin asks.
"Yeah." Adam says, smiling.
"Well, bye." Justin says, leaving a confused Adam.
Mission complete.

 Ella arrives home to see Adam on the couch.
"Hey." Ella says.
"Hey, can we talk?" Adam asks.
"Sure." She answers.
"Do you like me? As more than a friend?" He asks.
"Yeah." She answers.
"Cool." He smiles.
They hug in a romantic way. This was the start of something special. They were both happy but Adam was more happy since he finally has helped her.

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