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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Glee Review - Season 4, Episode 1: The New Rachel

This time the Glee reviews will be formated a bit differently. So, enjoy!

The New Rachel was a great way to start a new season.
With them covering two sides of the story, McKinley and New York, it was amazing. They had the coverage of Rachel suffering the pressure of her dance teacher at NYADA, Cassandra July (played by Kate Hudson), Kurt stuggling with being in Lima still, the Glee club finding their 'New Rachel' and Marley.
Marley is the new girl and one of my new favourite characters. Her mum is the cook in the cafeteria and it's revealed that at her old school, she had no friends because of how her mum is the big cook. Kitty, the new cheerleader, picks on Marley about it so Marley, who was keeping it a secret confesses to everyone that her mum is the cook. She gets slushied in the end.
I love Cassandra July. She's like Sue Slyvester but is fulled on alcohol. That's right; a teacher at NYADA is drinking. I don't know why but she seems to drink a lot. Rachel did point it out but Cassandra just said that it's Listerine.
Then there's Brody, Rachel's new love interest. Don't get me wrong, Brody is pretty attractive but I don't want Brody and Rachel getting together. Rachel kept looking at photos of Finn throughout the episode so of course she misses him but then Brody comes along. They meet in a co-ed bathroom when he's showering and singing. She walks in and sees him in the shower. She sees him naked also (that's not awkward at all). All I'm going to say about this is bring back Finn!
Also, there's Jake Puckerman. Jake is Puck's younger half-brother that Puck doesn't know about. Jake has some anger issuses since when he auditioned for the Glee club, Will cut his audition short so Jake threw a stand around then stormed out.
Kurt heads to New York, yay! He finally goes towards the end after getting some pushing from Blaine. Right at the end, Rachel calls Kurt saying she misses everyone since she is alone and away from all her friends in New York. Kurt then suprises her by saying he's in New York. Looks like the two best friends are going to be living in New York together.
Now, the one subject you've all been waiting for; The New Rachel. Artie holds a sing-off between Blaine, Brittany, Tina and Wade (who has recently moved to McKinley from Carmel High, the home of Vocal Adrenaline). They have their sing off and Artie judges it. Later on, Artie announces the New Rachel. The New Rachel is....(drum roll)...Blaine.
Blaine does have his experience from being with the Warblers and singing basically every single solo back then so he'll make a great lead for the New Directions.
Back to Jake. Jake doesn't end up being apart of the New Directions even though Will knows Jake has talent. What will happen with Jake? I don't know.

The best performances for the episode are:
Never Say Never (Originally by The Fray) performed by Jake http://youtu.be/Uvc1Cq_UlL4
It's Time (Originally by Imagine Dragons) performed by Blaine http://youtu.be/ArW6SvANU-0
Chasing Pavements (Originally by Adele) performed by Marley http://youtu.be/D-fuZhfXpvw

The worst performance is:
Dance Again/Americano (Originally by Jennifer Lopez/Lady Gaga) performed by Cassandra http://youtu.be/tquvDavHKAw

My Rating is 9.5/10 for this episode.
The reasons are is this is one of the best season premiere Glee has ever had. Marley's mum is so sweet. Burt Hummel is one of the coolest dad's ever.
Next Episode: Britney 2.0
Promo for episode 2: http://youtu.be/CIIBQLrhOi4

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