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Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Glee Project ~ Post 2

Well, The Glee Project is over for another season. It was a really good season with so much talent.
I've already done a post about The Glee Project but I'd like to update you with my favourite music videos and who won.
When I posted about The Glee Project last, it was just after Sexuality week. Since then, a lot has happened.

Favourite Music Videos from after Sexuality Week:
Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another (Episode 6, Fearlessness) - http://youtu.be/s7ZadBtN1Qo
When I Grow Up (Episode 7, Theatricality) - http://youtu.be/2LU83e418w8
Eye of The Tiger (Episode 8, Tenacity) - http://youtu.be/UMb_as5t-WY
We Found Love (Episode 9, Romanticality) - http://youtu.be/PJHOrMcdMBU
Perfect (Episode 10, Actability) - (couldn't find the actual video but found the audio) http://youtu.be/NICfLRnHtps
Tonight Tonight (Episode 11, Glee-ality) - http://youtu.be/HOMO6muf9vQ

Favourite Homework Assignments from after Sexuality Week:
You Ought A Know (Episode 5, Adaptability) - http://youtu.be/dLMuiSUingM
Now That We Found Love (Episode 6, Fearlessness) - http://youtu.be/RhFjM8Fn-Qg
Survivor (Episode 8, Tenacity) - http://youtu.be/KLSupdqaHYw
Addicted To Love (Episode 10, Actability) - http://youtu.be/6sfU5ZPLjts
You Can't Stop The Beat (Episode 11, Glee-ality) -  http://youtu.be/oqqMJYh7PnE

The top three were Aylin Bayramoglu, Blake Jenner and Ali Stroker. The three made it to the final and all won the final homework assignment. For the last chance performance, they each had to perform for members of the Glee cast, their fellow contestants who have been eliminated, Ian Brennan (one of the creators of Glee) and the writers for Glee.
Blake performed 'I'll Be' as his last performance. He also wrote a poem and shared it to all of them. http://youtu.be/o1zpTU0c9Y0
Aylin performed 'Rolling In The Deep' for her last performance. http://youtu.be/g27PgI-BCoY
Ali performed 'Popular' for her last performance. http://youtu.be/rHchQcYDMNs

Here's the winner announcement. (It's a little quiet so turn up your volume) http://youtu.be/6XJsQeyEGdw

I can't wait for the next season. Hopefully, there is a third season.

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