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Friday, 19 October 2012

My Glee Review - Episode 2, 3 & 4

Instead of typing up the entire three episodes I've only just caught up on, I'll show you the GleeCap for them and then explain anything they missed out on.

Episode 2: Britney 2.0
GleeCap: http://youtu.be/gbCmW5SEYQs
Missed Out: Britney skypes Santana but since Santana's too busy with cheerleading practice at college, she leaves quickly. Also, Unique and Tina show the true Jake to Marley, who's falling pretty hard for the womanizer. Jake gets into a fight and Will takes him away to get talk to the one, the only Noah Puckerman, Jake's older half brother he's never met before. Sam pulls Brittany onto the right track and they become friends.
Best Performances:
Crazy/U Drive Me Crazy (Originally by Aerosmith/Britney Spears) performed by Jake and Marley - Such a sweet acoustic duet between one of my new favourite couples that aren't together yet. http://youtu.be/8YwPv0tUFf4
Boys/Boyfriend (Originally by Britney Spears/Justin Bieber) performed by Blaine and Artie - I became addicted to this duet right after the first time I heard it. Love both of their voices together. http://youtu.be/h2qEfZ2fUzk
Everytime (Originally by Britney Spears) performed by Marley - She has such an incredible voice. Such a great song to end the episode. http://youtu.be/O2e-ZU9wzO0
Oops!...I Did It Again (Originally by Britney Spears) performed by Rachel - The performance is extremely sexy so it might be a little strange for anything Rachel has done in the past but it's so good. http://youtu.be/KVLwlFJad54
Worst Performances: Truthfully, done of them were terrible. That's why I did four best performances.
Rating: 10/10
Reasons: Better than Season 2's Britney tribute with awesomer songs.

Episode 3: Makeover
GleeCap:  http://youtu.be/asfp2UttJDI
Missed Out: Didn't really miss out anything important.
Best Performances:
Celebrity Skin (Originally by Hole) performed by Brittany and Sam - Loved the concept of this performance. There really hasn't been any Brittany and Sam duets ever and I would love to see them sing together more often. http://youtu.be/Bk6LHzXUhdk
A Change Would Do You Good (Originally by Sheryl Crow) performed by Brody and Rachel - I hate that Rachel is going around and flirting with Brody (Finn+Rachel forever) but they work together but not as good as Finn and Rachel have for three seasons. http://youtu.be/Af7P6HHy41I
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Originally by Tears For Fears) performed by Blaine - Love Blaine so much and this makes me love him even more. http://youtu.be/lxhGPgA-XIc
Worst Performance: None of them
Rating: 9.5/10
Reasons: Finn is back! Brody kisses Rachel (not happy). Blaine wins class president. 'Blam' are the presidents.

Episode 4: The Break Up
GleeCap: http://youtu.be/d5nTdqzO9Yc
Missed Out: The Left Behind Club (Kitty's new club) is really strange. Santana had an attraction to someone else at college.
Best Performances:
The Scientist (Originally by Coldplay) performed by Finn, Blaine, Santana, Kurt, Brittany, Will, Emma and Rachel - This song is the best song of the entire season so far! I have loved this song for awhile now and then I found out Glee was covering and I was so happy! Such a sad end to an episode though. http://youtu.be/AoccmrRGtus
Mine (Originally by Taylor Swift) performed by Santana - So good. I would of performed if she sung something else as her goodbye song to Brittany but it made me cry so it was awesome. http://youtu.be/jacnFl4CP6U
Don't Speak (Originally by No Doubt) performed by Finn, Blaine, Rachel and Kurt - I love this song so much (not as much as The Scientist though). It was pretty cool the premise of the performance. http://youtu.be/hwyL_T8UDg0
Teenage Dream (Originally by Katy Perry) performed by Blaine - When they sung this back in Season 2, it was fun and energetic but now it's the way Blaine is hiding behind his mask of being a cheater. I love this so much. http://youtu.be/3vO3ZaWH15U
Worst Performances: None
Rating 20/10
Reasons: I adored this episode even though I was in tears and my favourite couples broke up (Finn and Rachel, Kurt and Blaine and Brittany and Santana) but I now they probably will be together in the end. Finn shot himself (???) and his face during Rachel and Brody's performance of 'Give Your Heart A Break' made me cry even more. With a little bit of humour around the place, it was good. Also Jake broke up with Kitty (yes!) and now he can go out with Marley (double yes!) just hopefully.

The Next Episode: The Role You Were Born To Play - There's quite a long hiatus but I'm excited for this one for two reasons: 1. Blake Jenner from The Glee Project season 2 arrives 2. Grease! Glee are doing Grease for their musical this season. Can't wait. Here's the promo: http://youtu.be/FjwCE1Cms4c and as you can see it looks pretty awesome.

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