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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 5

Episode Title: The Role You Were Born To Play
NZ Air Date: 14th November 2012

After a brief hiatus, Glee is back and is as awesome as ever.
This episode marks the start of McKinley High's musical of Grease. Also featured in this episode is Ryder Lynn, who is basically like a Finn 2.0 (Quarterback, wasn't interested in Glee club that much at the beginning and not very bright).
Finn is back in Ohio and is the co-director (with Artie) for the musical. Mike and Mercedes return as the choreographer and the vocal coach for the musical when Finn loses faith in his position as the director.
Will and Emma are having problems of their own. Will wants to go to Washington DC for a couple of months to save the performing arts while Emma doesn't really want to go. With some councilling from Beiste, Emma says yes to going but Beiste can tell she doesn't really want to go.
In a bit of a shocker, Kitty, who is not the nicest cheerleader around, decides to audition for the role of Sandy. Jake joins her with the audition song. Little do both of the ex-dating couple know is that Marley watched their audition in jealously.
This was the first episode in which Rachel doesn't appear in. Kurt also doesn't make an appearance but both of the characters are mentioned in this episode by their exes (Finn and Blaine).
Blaine is a bit of a sad mood as he hasn't even been using hair gel in the weekends. He would audition for the role of Danny but he's just not up for it so he decides to be the role of Teen Angel.
Wade is having problems with his audition. He wants to play Rizzo but he's a guy who just dresses up like a girl. He auditions with the help of Marley (as Unique) and tells Finn, Artie, Mike and Mercedes that he wants to play Rizzo. Finn would love for him to play Rizzo but Artie is reluclant to it. Sue on the other hand, doesn't think a boy should be playing a girl. This results in an arguement between Finn and Sue. Finn ends up insulting Sue's baby (who has down-syndrome), making Sue worse than before.
Wade opens up to Finn after Finn let's Wade be Rizzo. Finn supports Wade and just tells him to find a curly wig and learn the script.
Emma tells Will the truth about Washington. She tells him that she wants to stay in Lima while he goes to Washington DC. They make their compromise about their plans.
The Grease castings are made. The characters are:
Brittany as Cha-Cha
Sugar as Frenchy
Tina as Jan
Sam as Kenickie
Joe as Doody
Unique/Wade as Rizzo
Blaine as Teen Angel
Kitty as Patty Simcox
Marley as Sandy
Ryder as Danny
Finn thinks he's made the good decision and he has.
Will finds Finn in the choir room, planning out the musical. Will tells Finn about him going to DC and he'll need a replacement for a couple of months. His first thought was Finn to take over since Glee is a club, the person in charge doesn't have to be a teacher, they just have to be an adult. Finn doesn't think of himself as an adult but Will does and asks Finn to take over Glee club for a couple of months. The episode ends, waiting for Finn's answer.

Best Performances:
Hopelessly Devoted To You (Originally from Grease) performed by Blaine http://youtu.be/EXW3eCHG4Oo - I loved this song and how it was set out. Kurt and Blaine were such a cute couple and I hope they get back together soon.
Everybody Talks (Originally by Neon Trees) performed by Jake and Kitty http://youtu.be/l_2iXMQmTUQ - This is the first time Kitty has actually sung and she's really good. This is such a good dance song and Jake doing those flips, makes it even awesomer.
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Originally by P!nk) performed by Marley and Unique http://youtu.be/nQ4QX1RH05c - A very epic duet sung by two epic characters. Marley was and is perfect for Sandy while Unique is perfect for Rizzo and I know that for sure after hearing this song.

Worst Performances:
The remaining performances are 'Jukebox Hero' and 'Born To Hand Jive' and they aren't categorised in the worst performances. All the performances from this episode were spectacular in my opinion.

Rating: 9.8/10
Reasons: Beiste, Mike and Mercedes are back! I love how Glee is finally doing Grease as the musical as Grease (and High School Musical, if it counts) are the only musicals I've actually ever seen and know what happens. Blake Jenner's character is interesting and I can't wait to see more of him in future episodes.
Next Episode: Glease
Here's the promo for the next episode: http://youtu.be/avGfMc36ZTA

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