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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 6

Episode Title: Glease
NZ Air Date: 21st November 2012

From now on, I'll be posting the Glee-Cap (thanks to GleeOnFox) and then adding any other little thing it missed out on.
Glee-Cap: http://youtu.be/eCBxvfPNsOo
Missed Out?: The fact that Cassandra gets Rachel (and Kurt) to go to Ohio. She then seduces Brody and when Rachel calls Brody for advice, Cassandra picks it up and makes Rachel cry. Also, Jake sees Marley and Ryder kiss and he looks heartbroken. Tina and Mike have also decided to talk about getting back together (it's unknown if they are or not back together).

Best Performances:
Beauty School Dropout (Originally from Grease) performed by Blaine - http://youtu.be/eQkZbOPJriI - Blaine is just perfect and he made the perfect Teen Angel. Sugar was good in this too but she didn't sing.
You're The One That I Want (Originally from Grease) performed by Ryder, Marley, Finn, Rachel and The 'Old and New' New Directions - http://youtu.be/5pNSnvD1_Es - Just the fact that Finn and Rachel sing together and act all lovey dovey in this is just awesome. Ryder makes an awesome Danny with Marley being an awesome Sandy.
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (Originally from Grease) First one performed by Kitty - http://youtu.be/sIv258o_Tzg - Reprise performed by Marley - http://youtu.be/e000U8KPR3E - Loved both of these. Marley is really talented and so is Kitty (even though she's really mean to Marley but she has her moments).

Worst Performances:
The only ones left are 'Grease Lightning' and 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' so I may as well just share the links to them too.
Grease Lightning (Originally from Grease) performed by Ryder, Sam and the New Directions Boys - http://youtu.be/m_I-0ft4TUk
There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Originally from Grease) performer by Santana, Unique/Wade and Cassandra - (The performance of this song has been for some odd reason been flagged on YouTube so I can't share the performance so here's the audio) - http://youtu.be/Zig_I7XawJ4

Rating: 9.9/10
Reasons: This episode made me emotional for numerous reasons:
1. The fact that Finn and Rachel have cut off all communication with each other,
2. Kurt and Blaine fought,
3. Tina and Mike reunited,
4. Unique/Wade had an emotional time
5. Marley had an eating problem because of Kitty
6. Rachel started to cry after Cassandra had seduced Brody
7. Jake saw Ryder and Marley kiss
8. You're The One That I Want was just awesome
Those are my reasons but it was a really good episode

Next Episode: Dynamic Duets
Promo: http://youtu.be/XXGOE0uakNY

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