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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 7

Episode Title: Dynamic Duets
NZ Air Date: 28th November 2012

Glee-Cap: http://youtu.be/p8iTwmG7xzU
Missed Out: Jake calls Puck to get some brotherly advice about girls. Puck, who at the moment Jake called him, was out on Hollywood Boulevard as a superhero called The PuckerMan to earn money. Puck gives Jake advice so Jake can try win Marley over, who at that stage was going on a date with Ryder on Friday.
Later on, Ryder cancels on Marley since he has an appointment with a teacher about his dslexycia so Marley goes up to Jake and they plan a date for that Friday.

Best Performances:
Some Nights (Originally by fun.) performed by The New Directions - It brings back memories of the Glee Pilot when they sung 'Don't Stop Believin' wearing red too. It's the new New Directions' members version of Don't Stop Believin and I love it.
Superman (Originally by R.E.M.) performed by Jake and Ryder - Not many people liked this performance from this episode but I loved it. Also, I'd love to be in Marley's place (Two guys fighting over her. It's a dream come true for many)
Heroes (Originally by David Bowie) performed by Sam and Blaine - Such a sweet song. It's so awesome and good to see Blam (Blaine and Sam's bromance name) sing an awesome song like this and doing charity work with the New Directions
Dark Side (Originally by Kelly Clarkson) performed by Blaine and the Warblers - It's good to see the Warblers back but they're still pretty evil. They want Blaine back but Blaine isn't leaving McKinley. Love this song.
Holding Out For A Hero (Originally by Bonnie Tyler) performed by Kitty and Marley - Before this, I only knew this song from the movie Shrek. Such an epic duet.
Worst Performances:
I shared all the performances since I loved them all.
Rating: 9/10
Reasons: At first I thought Ryder was just going to be another singing jock but his storyline really interests me now. Jake and Ryder as the Mega Studs (awesome!). The Warblers are back (Yay!). Blaine stays at McKinley. It was just an awesome episode.
Next Episode: Thanksgiving - Quinn's back, Sectionals is on, Kurt and Rachel are in New York for the holidays and it looks awesome.

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