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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Glee Review: Season 4, Episode 8

Episode Title: Thanksgiving
NZ Air Date: December 5th 2012
Glee-Cap: http://youtu.be/5kOXZ-4EkrY

Best Performances:
Homeward Bound/Home (Originally by Simon & Garfunkel/Phillip Phillips) - performed by Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana and Finn - The way that GleeOnFox uploaded made it delete off the part where Quinn walks in the auditroium singing the beginning and then Puck walks in. It's probably the best way for the seniors (And Quinn) to return
Let's Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time (Originally by The Scissor Sisters/Promises, Promises) - performed by Isabelle (special guest star Sarah Jessica Parker), Kurt and Rachel - Such a great dance number with a song that will be stuck in my head forever. The Let's Have Kiki part was amazing but Rachel just ruined it by singing Turkey Lurkey Time.
Live While We're Young (Originally by One Direction) - performed by Sebastian, Hunter and The Warblers - Of course I'd choose this as one my favourites since I love One Direction. It was a really good cover though and the dancing was awesome.
Worst Performances:
Gangnam Style (Originally by PSY) - Performed by Tina, Kitty, Ryder and The New Directions - Some of the pronunciation were incorrect. I feel really bad for Jenna Ushkowitz (the girl who plays Tina) since she doesn't know korean (Jenna was born in Seoul, South Korea but adopted at three months old and raised in New York. What? I know my Glee facts)
Rating: 9.9/10
Reasons: New Directions may have lost and that's very sad. Since Marley fainted (because of Kitty telling her she needs to lose weight even though Marley is perfectly fine), the didn't get to perform their second song. Also, I loved seeing the return of Quinn Fabray and the rest of the original New Directions.
Next Episode: Swan Song

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