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Monday, 3 December 2012

Sustainability Movie Reflection

During the second half of Term 3, a group of us (Shannon, Melissa, Rochelle, Callista and myself) entered the Outlook For Someday competition.

Our movie was a news report with Rochelle and Melissa as news reporters and Callista and Shannon as roving reporters. I was the camera operator/director for it. The news report focused on learning from our elders about saving the environment. We interviewed Shannon's Nana, one of the teachers at school, Mr G and Callista's grandparents.

 Our first idea went from being a mockumentray to a comedy movie a bit like The Hunger Games. The comedy one sort of went that a grandmother (Shannon) was telling her grand kids (Callista, Rochelle and myself) about how the world used to be before the world ran out of it's natural resources. Melissa joined out group and while she did, we decided to change our movie into a news report.

We all thought we'd make it to the next round of the competition since we had a lot of faith in our movie. On the last day of finishing our movies, the day before we had to enter it, we spent our entire day finishing up the editing and filming. We were all in such a rush to record stuff and edit it.
Sadly, we didn't make it to the next round of the competition. Here's our movie though:

We used our own knowledge with a mix of the knowledge of the elders. It made me realise that we do need to learn about saving our enviornment and that this generation are way different to previous generations.
 While making the movie, I learnt how to edit a movie properly since before this, I had only done it once or twice since I've never had other chances to make a movie. I felt quite in charge of this movie since I was kind of the director for it.
 Using a green screen was awesome too since this was my first experience with making a movie involving a green screen and putting a background using iMovie.
 I'm glad we went with this idea over the other two. Now that I think about it now, they seemed pretty stupid and ridiculous to film and make.
 Hopefully you like our movie. Give me some feed back about what we/I could improve for the next time I do filming. Maybe I'll get the chance to do something like this at college next year.

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